Dreamy master bedroom

My master bedroom is my favorite room in the house, not only because it is DONE (no more tweaking required!), but also because it’s the one room that doesn’t contain a single pile of mail, stack of dishes, or computer lighting up begging for my attention. This room is my haven: purely for sleeping (and other activities not suitable for mention on a design blog).

In this space, I stuck to just the basics:

  • White wooden bed from Crate and Barrel (purchased about five years ago for $1200…similar to the current Durham)
  • Mahogany nightstands I scored for $150 each in a neighborhood consignment shop
  • Swing-arm wall lamps from Lamps Plus
  • Flax fabric canvases above the bed from West Elm

On the wall opposite the bed, a Hemnes dresser from Ikea holds bedding and linens. Such a great piece of furniture, and only $299. Of course, it comes in about 299 pieces you have to assemble, but in the end, worth the cursing and head scratching required to put it together. The painting above is from eBay, by an artist based in Burlingame, California. I love the combination of geometric and organic shapes and the colors are soothing…perfect for the bedroom.

The details of the bedroom are nods to my wedding day: a framed picture taken right after saying “I do,”  a heart-shaped Nambe dish we received as a wedding gift, a mirrored box that holds dried flowers from my bouquet, and a silk pillow that reads: “Grow Old Along with Me, the Best is Yet to Be.” These treasures give the room a romantic, sacred feel, and help remind me what’s really important before I nod off each night.


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5 Responses to Dreamy master bedroom

  1. Jamie

    The artwork is beautiful. Would you mind sharing the name of the artist? I live about 20 minutes from Burlingame. Thanks!!

    Jamie Alfaro

    • The painting is one of a series I am doing called Abstract Shapes in Nature. I have a studio in Burlingame and you can schedule visits. I can do commissions. James Hartman

  2. theglassbell

    Hi Jamie…I wish I did have the name still…I can’t read the signature! I do know that he was selling a lot of his pieces on ebay, and that this one was a different look than his other pieces. He was an amazing faux painter…when I went to his house he showed me all of the rooms he had painted inside. They were amazing!

    • Michaela

      I just love the painting. You still do not know the name of the artist?
      Could it be Jonah Burlingame?

      Many thanks

  3. theglassbell

    Hi there! I did finally find the name of the artist: James Hartman of Burlingame, California. I checked eBay and there is currently one of his paintings listed! http://www.ebay.com/itm/BEAUTIFUL-JAMES-HARTMAN-CALIFORNIA-Flower-Field-Original-Oil-on-Linen-/121076396713?pt=Art_Paintings&hash=item1c30b732a9

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