Swiss Avenue Home Tour favorites

My mom and I check out the Swiss Avenue Home Tour during Mother’s Day weekend every year. We both love old homes, beautiful gardens and antiques, and this event is a great chance to see the insides of the estates that I so often admire along my running route through the historical Swiss Avenue district.

The interior above is one of my favorites on this year’s tour. The homeowners spent a year and a half remodeling every square inch of their home, and each room features a mix of vintage and modern style. The colors in the master bedroom are spring perfect! Below are shots of the home’s living room (complete with zebra rug and original stained glass) and dining room (with fully set table):

My favorite kitchen on the tour is in a 1917 remodeled home on nearby Gaston Avenue. Moss green cabinets and modern appliances and fixtures are anchored by white hex tile on the floor. Light floods in from the French doors that open onto a beautiful deck and sitting area beyond.

On the Swiss Avenue Home Tour, there is always at least one or two original Rookwood tile fireplaces. My favorite one this year features a cattails and reeds motif and is topped with modern art and Roseville pottery on the mantel. Gorgeous! In another home (that is still undergoing a complete overhaul), fireplace mantels were shipped in from architectural salvage dealers in Pennsylvania and Alabama. So while not original to the house, the mantels are from the same time period that the home was built (1906). The owner picked out new Walker Zanger tile that she thought mirrored what the original may have looked like. I can’t wait to see this home completed on next year’s tour!

The Swiss Ave tour is not restricted to interiors; gardens are opened up to stroll through and enjoy. My fave backyard this year features a quaint potting shed, complete with farmhouse sink, brick floors, and green-tiled walls. The shed overlooks a raised vegetable garden. Someday, when my pocketbook is bigger and my thumb is greener, I’ll have a fabulous potting shed too!

The home I was most excited to go into (mainly because the landscaping out front is always immaculate everytime I jog by) owes its curb appeal to gorgeous English Manor / French Normandy-style architecture coupled with its creative spin on the classic formal English garden. Perfectly sculpted shrubs are planted asymmetrically alongside ornamental cabbage, mixing elements of structured and casual gardens. So imaginative!


Thanks to all of the talented home owners and designers for opening up their amazing houses to us through the Swiss Avenue Home Tour! See you next year!


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4 Responses to Swiss Avenue Home Tour favorites

  1. I am happy to find your awesome blog! I also went to the Swiss Ave. home tour this past weekend and I fell in love with a few of the homes! My favorite was the house in the first few of your pics. I just loved those orange vintage chairs in their bedroom!
    Katie Flynn

  2. theglassbell

    Katie: that bedroom was so cool! The orange felt so fresh and happy. I think orange is a color that works well both in the spring and summer, but also in the winter as a way to brighten a room. I will definitely be going on the tour again next year to see the finished remodel on Gaston. That house had great bones.

  3. I just did a post using some of your photos. I gave credit where credit was due!! Hope you don’t mind. I have lived in Dallas for 4 years and never made it to the home tour. I am DEF making it next year. check out the post at

  4. theglassbell

    No problem Katie B! Glad the post could give you a glimpse of the homes on this year’s tour!

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